Placeholder Images and Dummy Text for Vue.js

vue-dummy is a wrapper around the library to expose placeholder Images and Dummy, Lorum Ipsum Text as a vue directive


Add to your HTML page:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

or, import into your module npm install vue-dummy --save-dev

import Vue from "vue"
import VueDummy from "vue-dummy"


Dummy Text

<p v-dummy></p>

Choose the number of words:

<p v-dummy="150"></p>

Choose random amount of words between 3 & 10:

<p v-dummy="'3,10'"></p> <!-- Note: the quotes to pass the expression as a string -->
<p v-dummy:3,10></p> <!-- or, as a Vue argument-->

As a component:

<dummy text="30"></dummy>
<dummy t="1,3"></dummy>

Dummy Images

<img v-dummy="300" />
<img v-dummy="'400x300'" /> <!-- Note: the quotes to pass the expression as a string -->
<img v-dummy:400x300 /><!-- or, as a Vue argument -->
<img v-dummy.400x300 /><!-- or, as a Vue modifier -->

Use width & height attribues or, size with CSS

<img v-dummy width="150" height="150" />

Defaults to the size of the parent container

<img v-dummy />

Create random sized images. Useful for testing dimentions of unknown sized user uploaded images

<img v-dummy="'100,400x200,400'" /> <!-- Note: the quotes to pass the expression as a string -->
<img v-dummy:100,400x200,400 /> <!-- or, as a Vue argument (or modifier) -->

As a component:

<dummy img></dummy>
<dummy img="400x300"></dummy>
<dummy i="100"></dummy>

Special Elements

Using v-dummy on some tags will result in some placeholder content with expected markup. This is useful in some cases like quick styling of elements

<ol v-dummy></ol> <!-- outputs a small list -->
<ul v-dummy></ul> <!-- outputs a small list -->
<table v-dummy></table> <!-- outputs a small table -->

Example Repeat Elements

Combine with v-for to repeat elements

    <li v-for="i in 6" v-dummy>#: </li>